Driftless Marketing Grant

Our roots run deep in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. The burgeoning community in Vernon County is home to dynamic, diverse businesses that bring incredible opportunities and experiences to locals and visitors alike. It’s these very businesses that we feel compelled to support in the best way we know how. 


Our annual marketing grant provides $25,000 in pro bono marketing and business consulting services to a qualified small business serving the local arts, culture, music, food & beverage, tourism & hospitality or outdoor spaces. 


The grant application period is open yearly from July 1 through August 31. Evaluations and follow-up take place in September and October, final selection occurs in November, and the grant takes effect in the following year. We will work with each business to determine ideal timing for support based on business needs, sales cycles, seasonality, etc. Grant support and deliverables will be executed across a three-month period (one business quarter).

The Details

Our work with big business enterprises affords us the opportunity to give back to where we all once began - to small businesses.